Table 1. Variables measured in isogenic cell populations
Variable nameShort expressionCalculated as
Median pheromone response system (PRS) outputO, <PPRM1‐mRFP> or <PPRM1‐mCherry>Median (inducible RFP)
Median constitutive or control outputG, <PACT1‐XFP> or <PBMH2‐XFP>Median (constitutive XFP)
Cell‐to‐cell variability in PRS outputη2(O), η2(PPRM1‐mRFP) or η2(mCherry) Embedded Image
Cell‐to‐cell variability in constitutive or control output (representing general gene expression capacity)η2(G), η2(PACT1‐YFP) or η2(PBMH2‐YFP) Embedded Image
Cell‐to‐cell variability in signal transmissionη2(P), or η2(L + λ)σ2(mRFPi/<mRFP> −YFPi/<YFP>)
Signal strength P O/G
  • σ2 is variance, μ is average, <B> means the average of B. Quantities in bold type are those used for selection and/or clustering analysis below.