Table 1. Summary of EGRIN model
cMonkey modelInferelator model
Genes2,984 of 3,491 total genes in the genomeTranscription factors128
Conditions684Environmental factors16
Regulatory modules170a/349
  • Environment and Gene Regulatory Influence Network (EGRIN) model was constructed as described in Materials and Methods. This model includes both cMonkey and Inferelator algorithm input data and results together with different filtering parameters as defined below.

  • a Number of modules filtered for residual ≤ 0.5.

  • b Number of motifs filtered for e‐value < 10.

  • c Network is filtered to only include influences with influence weight < −0.1 or > +0.1 and module residual < 0.5.

  • d Nodes include regulators and their targets regulatory modules.