Table 1. Parameters
ParameterDescriptionMock valuednLEF valueReferences
D o Diffusion coefficient of oxidative cells0.010.01Rockne et al (2010)
D g Diffusion coefficient of glycolytic cells0.010.01Rockne et al (2010)
D W Diffusion coefficient of Wnt0.0040.008Chosen to be small
Embedded Image Diffusion coefficient of Wnt inhibitor11.5Chosen to be large
D N Diffusion coefficient of nutrient100100Jiang et al (2005)
τ o Oxidative cell proliferation time11Non‐dimensionalization (time scale)
τ g Glycolytic cell proliferation time11Non‐dimensionalization (time scale)
τ og Switch time from OXPHOS to glycolysis1/241/24Mendoza‐Juez et al (2012)
τ go Switch time from glycolysis to OXPHOS11Mendoza‐Juez et al (2012)
α W Constant for Michaelis‐Menten dynamics11Parameter estimation
κ W Rate of nonlinear Wnt production55Parameter estimation
κ WI Rate of Wnt inhibitor production11Parameter estimation
μ o Decay rate of Po cells11Parameter estimation
μ g Decay rate of Pg cells11Parameter estimation
μ d Decay rate of Pd cells11Parameter estimation
μ W Decay rate of Wnt22Parameter estimation
Embedded Image Decay rate of Wnt inhibitor33Parameter estimation
μ N Decay rate of nutrient0.10.1Parameter estimation
S W Rate of Wnt production through cells7.56.5Parameter estimation
a Constant of inhibition10−810−8Parameter estimation
b Constant of inhibition by WI11Parameter estimation
γ W Sensitivity level of Wnt switch functions11Parameter estimation
γ N Sensitivity level of nutrient switch function100100Assumed to be high
ν NG Uptake of nutrient by Pg cells1010Parameter estimation
ν NO Uptake of nutrient by Po cells1010Parameter estimation
N s Parameter for nutrient source22Parameter estimation
W*Wnt level at which 50% of cells switch metabolism55Parameter estimation
N*Nutrient level below which cells die0.070.07Parameter estimation
Embedded Image Nutrient level below which Po cells cannot switch to glycolysis0.10.1Parameter estimation
α N Value of scaling function when ∫Pg = 00.0250.025Parameter estimation
S x Horizontal length of spatial domain1212
S y Vertical length of spatial domain1212
  • Model parameters for mock and dnLEF/dnTCF simulations.