Table 1. Differences in turnover, disorder and abundance values between aTIS and dbTIS
VariableData setTestP‐valueConclusion
Turnover timeComplete data setMann–Whitney test1.52e‐08aTIS>dbTIS
dbTIS/aTIS pairsWilcoxon signed‐rank test0.5021No difference
DisorderComplete data setMann–Whitney test0.00157aTIS>dbTIS
dbTIS/aTIS pairsWilcoxon signed‐rank test0.01216aTIS>dbTIS
Spectral countsComplete data setMann–Whitney test4.31e‐09aTIS<dbTIS
dbTIS/aTIS pairsWilcoxon signed‐rank test3.44e‐09aTIS<dbTIS
NSAFComplete data setMann–Whitney test1.15e‐07aTIS<dbTIS
dbTIS/aTIS pairsWilcoxon signed‐rank test6.45e‐09aTIS<dbTIS
  • For the complete data set of aTIS and dbTIS with reliable turnover measurements and considering a single iMet proteoform (N = 1,894; 323 aTIS and 1,571 dbTIS), a comparison of turnover, disorder and abundance values was performed using Mann–Whitney one‐sided test for independent samples. Differences in paired dbTIS‐aTIS data were measured using a Wilcoxon signed‐rank one‐sided test for paired samples. All analyses were performed at P ≤ 0.05 significance level.