Table 1. Glossary of acronyms
Array Ex.Array Express—archive of functional genomics data
BioModelsDatabase for storing curated and non‐curated systems biology computational models
CellMLStandard for formatting models, as well as a model repository
ChEBIChemical Entities of Biological Interest—a dictionary of molecular entities
COMBINEComputational Modelling in Biology Network
ENAEuropean Nucleotide Archive—a comprehensive record of nucleotide sequences
FAIRDOMFindable Accessible Interoperable Reusable Data standard Operating Procedures and Models
FASTAText‐based format for representing nucleotide sequences
GEOGene Expression Omnibus—repository for functional genomics data
GOGene Ontology—a controlled vocabulary of gene and gene product attributes
ISBEInfrastructure for Systems Biology Europe
ISOInternational Standards Organization
JWS OnlineTool for online simulation of systems biology models
KISAOKinetic Simulation Algorithm Ontology, for identifying algorithms and associated set‐up of simulations
MIAMEMinimum Information about a Microarray Experiment
MIASEMinimum Information about a Simulation Experiment
MIRIAMMinimum Information Required in the Annotation of Models
SBGNSystems Biology Graphical Notation
SBMLSystems Biology Mark‐up Language
SEEKBespoke systems biology data management platform, which works as an aggregated content commons, and a database