Table 4. Genes in the genetically inferred causal BP gene sets whose blood eSNPs show significant association with BP in GWAS at < 5e‐8
SNP (Genomic location)SNP ChrICBP GWAS SBP P‐valueICBP GWAS DBP P‐valuecis or transGene symbolGene chrGene set
rs3184504 (Coding, SH2B3)achr129.3e‐102.3e‐14 cis ALDH2 chr12Turquoise
SH2B3 chr12Turquoise
NAA25 chr12Blue
trans b IL8 chr4Turquoise
TAGAP chr6Blue
rs3742004 (3UTR, FAM109A)chr121.0e‐62.2e‐8 cis ATXN2 chr12Turquoise
rs17367504 (Intron, MTHFR)chr12.1e‐101.3e‐8 cis CLCN6 chr1Turquoise
rs17249754 (Coding, ATP2B1)chr129.7e‐135.3e‐9 cis GALNT4 chr12Blue
rs198846 (3downstream, HIST1H1T)chr62.2e‐53.8e‐8 cis HIST1H4B chr6Turquoise
BTN3A2 chr6Turquoise
HIST1H4C chr6Turquoise
HIST1H2BF chr6Turquoise
HIST1H4F chr6Turquoise
HIST1H3B chr6Blue
rs17115100 (Intron, CYP17A1)chr109.2e‐101.4e‐5 cis SFXN2 chr10Blue
  • a A proxy SNP rs653178 (r2 = 1 with rs3184504) showing same cis‐ and trans‐associations with genes listed for rs3184504. rs653178 is significantly associated with both SBP and DBP in ICBP GWAS, too (SBP = 9.3e‐10, and DBP = 1.6e‐14).

  • b The trans‐associations between rs3184504 and those genes identified from Westra et al (2013).