Table 1. Statistical testing of in vivo selection of Bt genes.
GeneAnnotationTA‐RA q‐valueTA‐NEC q‐value
BT_0297outer membrane lipoprotein SilC3.06E‐024.08E‐04
BT_0370 galactokinase1.14E‐03 (3.25E‐03)5.94E‐06 (6.95E‐09)
BT_0371 glucose/galactose transporter1.14E‐03 (3.14E‐03)3.50E‐02 (4.21E‐05)
BT_0477D‐glycero‐alpha‐D‐manno‐heptose‐1,7‐bisphosphate 7‐phosphatase (gmhB)1.67E‐021.32E‐02
BT_0478hypothetical protein1.77E‐032.47E‐02
BT_1510hypothetical protein3.86E‐021.10E‐03
BT_1511outermembrane protein OmpA4.38E‐027.33E‐04
BT_1730dTDP‐4‐dehydrorhamnose reductase (rfbD; rmlD)3.86E‐023.45E‐04
BT_1731hypothetical protein4.38E‐028.80E‐03
BT_1759 glycoside hydrolase1.19E‐02 (2.48E‐07)2.58E‐04 (1.21E‐09)
BT_1771cell surface protein4.38E‐024.00E‐03
BT_4265GMP synthase (guaA)3.86E‐023.33E‐02
  • Genes demonstrating significant in vivo selection profiles were determined via statistical testing of time‐averaged relative abundance (TA‐RA) and time‐averaged normalized effective coverage (TA‐NEC) values up to either Day 4 or Day 28 of host colonization. Genes showing significant selection up to Day 4 are in white. Genes showing significant selection up to both Day 4 and Day 28 are highlighted in bold. q‐values for Day 28 are listed in parentheses.