Table 1. Properties of iJO1366 and iAF1260
iJO1366 (this study)iAF1260 (Feist et al, 2007)
Included genes1366 (32%)a1260 (29%)
 Experimentally based function1328 (97%)1227 (97%)
 Computationally predicted function38 (3%)33 (3%)
Unique functional proteins12541148
 Multigene complexes185167
 Genes involved in complexes483415
 Instances of isozymesb380346
Metabolic reactions14731387
 Unique metabolic reactionsc14241339
Transport reactions778690
 Cytoplasm to periplasm447390
 Periplasm to extracellular329298
 Cytoplasm to extracellular22
Gene–protein–reaction associations
 Gene associated (metabolic/transport)1382/7061294/625
 Spontaneous/diffusion reactionsd21/1416/9
 Total (gene associated and no association needed)1403/720 (94%)1310/634 (94%)
 No gene association (metabolic/transport)70/58 (6%)77/56 (6%)
Exchange reactions330304
 Unique metabolites11361039
  • a Overall gene coverage based on 4325 total ORFs in Escherichia coli (annotation U00096.2, downloaded from; 2851 of these ORFs have been experimentally verified.

  • b Tabulated on a reaction basis, not including outer membrane non‐specific porin transport.

  • c Reactions can occur in or between multiple compartments and metabolites can be present in more than one compartment.

  • d Diffusion reactions do not include facilitated diffusion reactions and are not included in this total if they can also be catalyzed by a gene product at a higher rate.