Table 1. Summary of results of Solexa sequencing processed by MAQ
Total no. of paired‐end reads5 968 9534 962 680
Total no. of mapped paired‐end reads (%)4 955 571 (83%)4 232 277 (85.2%)
Genome coverage rate98.77%97.86%
Average depth (non‐gap)155.5132.7
SNPs01 (polA)
IS elements025 (acrA, [mngB‐cydA], ybhD, clpA, ymdA, pabC, rssB, oppA, ycjM, maeA, tqsA, ydhU, msrB, gatY,ais, [lrhA‐yfbQ], [yfbU‐yfbV], eutP, ygeA, yhbJ, dgoT, tnaA, rbsR, yifE, ycjS)
Deletion01 (hipA–flxA)
  • For SNPs, indels, IS elements, and deletion, the number represents specific mutations after confirming by Sanger sequencing.