Table 1. Mouse strain–prion strain combinations
Mouse strainPrnp genotypePrion strainEnd pointa (days/weeks)Harvest intervalb (weeks)
C57BL/6J (B6)a/aRML161/232
C57BL/6J (B6)a/a301V287/414
C57BL/6.I‐1 (B6.I)b/bRML336/484
C57BL/6.I‐1 (B6.I)b/b301V126/182
FVB/NCr (FVB)a/aRML154/222
FVB‐Tg(PrP‐A)4053 (Tg4053)>30aRML56/81
(FVB x FVB.129‐Prnptm1Zrch)F1 (0/+)a/0RML392/564
FVB.129‐Prnptm1Zrch (0/0)0/0RML196/28c4
  • a End point is equivalent to the incubation time in this study, which is defined as the interval between prion inoculation to end point. With the exception of 0/0 mice, all animals were at the terminal stages of disease when killed for brain harvest. For each combination, a set of mice was inoculated with brain homogenate from normal mice and brains were harvested at the same time points as prion‐infected mice.

  • b Brains from three mice were taken at each time point. In a few instances, the interval deviated from that shown. For example, the final interval for B6‐RML was 1 week due to severity of illness in these mice. The actual intervals are indicated in figures that follow.

  • c Additional three RML‐inoculated and three normal brain homogenate‐inoculated 0/0 mice were aged 357 days (51 weeks).