Table 3. Functions predicted for selected genes from 333 DEGs shared by five mouse–prion combinations
CategoryGene symbolaDescriptionEntrez IDPrevious studiesbHuman orthologsc
Protection against oxidative stressNaprt1*Nicotinate phosphoribosyltransferase domain containing 1223646NAPRT1
Arachidonate/phospholipid metabolismBmp2k*BMP2‐inducible kinase140780BMP2K
E030018N11Rik*RIKEN cDNA E030018N11 gene319622ITPRIPL2
HematopoiesisPbxip1*Pre‐B‐cell leukemia transcription factor interacting protein 1229534PBXIP1
ChondrogenesisLoh11cr2a*Loss of heterozygosity, 11, chromosomal region 2, gene A homolog (human)67776VWA5A
Complement system (coagulation)Pp11r*Placental protein 11 related19011P11
BC032204cDNA sequence BC032204108101X, X4FERMT3
Interferon‐relatedAldh1l2*Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family, member L2216188ALDH1L2
D12Ertd647e*DNA segment, Chr 12, ERATO Doi 647, expressed52668NA
Plscr2*Phospholipid scramblase 218828PLSCR2
Other immune response genes4632428N05Rik*RIKEN cDNA 4632428N05 gene74048C10orf54
Stno*Strawberry notch homolog (Drosophila)216161SBNO2
Gp49aGlycoprotein 49 A14727X, RNA
Metal ion bindingAntxr1*Anthrax toxin receptor 169538ANTXR1
Dtx3l*Deltex 3‐like (Drosophila)209200DTX3L
Eya4*Eyes absent 4 homolog (Drosophila)14051EYA4
Membrane traffickingCrispld2*Cysteine‐rich secretory protein LCCL domain containing 278892CRISPLD2
Signal transduction4933428I03Rik*RIKEN cDNA 4933428I03 gene66775PTPLAD2
Nucleic acid bindingScrg1Scrapie responsive gene 120284DDSCRG1
DNA damage repairParp12*Poly (ADP‐ribose) polymerase family, member 12243771PARP12
Guanylate bindingMpa2l*Macrophage activation 2 like100702NA
Neurological disorder related0610011I04Rik*RIKEN cDNA 0610011I04 gene66058TMEM176A
1810009M01Rik*RIKEN cDNA 1810009M01 gene65963TMEM176B
Phyhd1*Phytanoyl‐CoA dioxygenase domain containing 1227696PHYHD1
Non‐coding genesAU020206Expressed sequence AU020206101757X4NA
2310033F14Rik*RIKEN cDNA 2310033F14 gene69555NA
No predicted functions1810059G22Rik*RIKEN cDNA 1810059G22 gene67706TMEM179B
2310014H01Rik*RIKEN cDNA 2310014H01 gene76448KIAA1949
4933411K20Rik*RIKEN cDNA 4933411K20 gene66756KIAA1430
9230105E10Rik*RIKEN full‐length enriched library, clone: A130050C20 product245575NA
A530050D06Rik*RIKEN cDNA A530050D06 gene104816LOC374569
AI452102*Expressed sequence AI452102330594NA
E230029C05Rik*RIKEN cDNA E230029C05 gene319711NA
2810459M11RikRIKEN cDNA 2810459M11 gene72792XC2orf72
BC025600cDNA sequence BC025600231633X, SkTMEM119
X99384cDNA sequence X9938427355XKIAA1274
Old gene symbolsdUpdated gene symbolDescriptionEntrez IDComments
0610011I04RikTmem176aTransmembrane protein 176A66058
1810009M01RikTmem176bTransmembrane protein 176B65963
1810059G22RikTmem179bTransmembrane protein 179B67706
4933428I03RikPtplad2Protein tyrosine phosphatase‐like A domain containing 266775
AI452102E230029C05RikRIKEN cDNA E230029C05 gene330594New GeneID: 319711
BC025600Tmem119Transmembrane protein 119231633
BC032204Fermt3Fermitin family homolog 3108101
Cklfsf6Cmtm6CKLF‐like MARVEL transmembrane domain containing 667213
Loh11cr2aVwa5avon Willebrand factor A domain containing 5A67776
StnoSbno2Strawberry notch homolog 2216161
  • a Genes with asterisk are unique DEGs to this study; gene in bold and italic shows decreased expression in infected mouse brains.

  • b X (Xiang et al, 2007); Sk (Skinner et al, 2006); R (Riemer et al, 2004); X4 (Xiang et al, 2004); DD (Dandoy‐Dron et al, 1998).

  • c Orthologous human gene symbols are current as of 28 August 2008. Those denoted as ‘NA’ do not have official orthologous human genes.

  • d Gene symbols of the following 10 genes have been updated in the EntrezGene database as of 28 August 2008.