Table 2. Significant motifs and motif pairs for analysis with known vertebrate motifs as input
Significant motifs and motif pairsP‐valueFit coefficients
HNF‐12.2 × 10–15187.5
HFH‐31.3 × 10–14−9.8
OCT‐1*HNF‐11.5 × 10–14156.7
OCT‐1*PPAR‐DR12.1 × 10–1056.2
OCT‐1*HFH‐32.2 × 10–1530.0
  • HNF‐1, PPAR‐DR1 and MTF are liver‐specific motifs, whereas Oct‐1 and HFH‐3 are ubiquitous motifs. HNF‐1 is a well‐established liver‐specific motif. PPAR‐DR1 binds several nuclear factors involved in metabolism, for example, PPAR, RXR, etc. MTF‐1 is active in heavy metal metabolism and is essential for liver development. Fit coefficients are coefficients of optimal fit in the final spline model, which is reported in Supplementary note. More details on significant motif combinations are given in Supplementary Table V.