Table 7. Significant motif pairs from different phases (time points) of cell cycle
Significant pairP‐valueTime (h)PhaseExperimental evidence (PubMed ID)
Oct‐1*NF‐Y8.0 × 10−96G114586402
MEF‐2*E2F‐15.6 × 10−1524G111027611
TBP*AREB61.2 × 10−38G1/S14761964
E2F*E2F‐4/DP‐21.3 × 10−1510G1/S9372931
E2F(M00050)*E2F(M00516)1.3 × 10−1510G1/S15014447
AML1*E2F‐4/DP‐21.0 × 10−1010G1/S
AML1*E2F2.6 × 10−510G1/S8834231
AhR*E2F7.3 × 10−50G2/M10644764
E2F*E2F‐1/DP‐19.7 × 10−918G2/M7917337
E2F‐1/DP‐1*Ik‐39.7 × 10−918G2/M
E2F‐1/DP‐1*Oct‐12.8 × 10−718G2/M10662552
E2F*Ik‐35.1 × 10−718G2/M
  • The experimental evidence reported in the literature for activity of a given motif pair during cell cycle is included in the last column. Italicized Pubmed IDs indicate indirect evidence.